Salary Calculator Using AngularJS

[1st draft - partial functionality and messy code]

This page demonstrates how a single input field can be used in a page to instantly update other elements on the page using AngularJS data binding

Salary before tax :

Hourly rate : {{salary/(52*35)| currency:'£'}}

Taxable salary: {{salary - 10600| currency:'£'}}


Annual Salary before tax: {{salary| currency:'£'}}

Tax payable: {{(salary - 10600)/5| currency:'£'}}

Net Salary: {{(salary - ((salary - 10600)/5))| currency:'£'}}


Gross salary: {{salary/12| currency:'£'}}

Tax payable: {{((salary-10600)/5)/12| currency:'£'}}

Net salary: {{(salary - ((salary - 10600)/5))/12| currency:'£'}}


Gross salary: {{salary /52| currency: '£'}}

Tax payable: {{((salary-10600)/5)/52| currency:'£'}}

Net Salary: {{(salary - ((salary - 10600)/5))/52| currency:'£'}}